Multimedia Curricula and Courses for Individual or Group Study

In-depth Bible courses offered by Dallas Theological Seminary (self-paced, free)

Hillsdale College courses on literature, history, government, and philosophy (self-paced, free)

DiscoveryU courses on science and faith and intelligent design (tuition applies)

EQUIP courses from Reasonable Faith (self-paced, free)

House of Humane Letters literary courses and webinars

Local Chapter Opportunities

Reasonable Faith apologetics and worldview

Ratio Christi student apologetics chapters

Stand to Reason Outpost apologetics and worldview learning program

Church Cohort Training Programs

Colson Center Church Affiliates

Annual Conferences for Individual or Group Attendance

Imagination Redeemed Conference (Anselm Society)

Colson Center Annual Conference 

Dallas Conference on Science and Faith

Westminster Theological Seminary: Conference on Science & Faith (Pennsylvania) 

Society for Women of Letters Annual Symposium

Circe Institute conferences, reading retreats, webinars, and classical education training

C.S. Lewis Retreat

Evangelical Philosophical Society Apologetics Conference