When you join the Society for Women of Letters, you become part of an interactive community of Christian women who value the life of the mind and desire to connect with others for learning, discussion, and face-to-face gatherings. Our goal is to cultivate a congenial and personal culture and to provide valuable content and opportunities to our members.

We offer two tiers of membership: Lady Blue monthly dues are $5, and Dame Blue monthly dues are $10.  

All of our members are invited to participate in our Bluestocking Salon, a Zoom literary discussion that features the author of the current selection, as well as our monthly Bluestocking Happy Hour. Members receive our official SWL bookmark and early access to registration for our annual Symposium. Space for this event is extremely limited, and may even fill up prior to the opening of regular registration! 

Members are encouraged to share any of their own work (books, articles, podcasts, video lectures) that directly relates to the mission of the SWL in our Facebook group.

The Dame Blue membership offers additional benefits, including a copy of Dorothy Sayers’ Are Women Human? and exclusive access to Bluestocking Hall, a monthly interactive gathering for topical teaching/discussion (via Zoom). Moreover, Dame Blue members may submit links to their own work to SWL leadership for promotion through official SWL media channels such as Instagram, the public Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn (all submitted content subject to review). 

Please note that 100% of membership proceeds go to covering the expenses incurred by the building and functioning of the Society for Women of Letters. We are a volunteer-led non-profit.